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    The Annual Show never ceases to amaze me, always a highlight and brings that extra special something to the stage. Charnwood has amazing teachers, amazing students, and is an amazing dance school which we are proud to be part of.

    The school gives all its students a sense of belonging and really does make you feel like we are all part of one big extended family. The support and encouragement shown to its students is incredible. The amazing skills taught through dance helps form the foundations required for life long skills such as team work, social skills, self-confidence and belief, perseverance and dedication.

    Charnwood School of Dance has been like a second home to us over the last 12 years. The hard work, planning, dedication and commitment shown by all teaching staff is unbelievable. With a wide selection of genres taught with recognised qualifications in most subjects means the students are always working hard towards achieving their next goal.

    Our two daughters danced at Charnwood right through to 18. The younger carried on tap at University and commented, "I didn't realise how well we had been taught until I saw some of the others". She's still tapping in her local dance school. Dad has followed with both his left feet into the Charnwood adult tap class...